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Make your life easier - 5 MUST have items

Indisposables Cloth DiapersThe first product parents should consider is having Cloth Diapers. Not only can you save$1736.94, but you can also make a huge contribution to the (by keeping 1.4 tonnes of non-biodegrableable waste out of it) But you can also make a positive impact on your babies health.

Kozy Kids KokkoonThe Kozy Kids Kokkoon is the perfect "snow suit" for your baby. It fits in the car seat so you don't need a coat. When you get where ever you are going, you can unzip the top to give your baby freedom.

Bravado Nursing Bra
The features in Bravado! Designs' Bras make them perfect for both maternity and nursing. Learn about how your breasts will change over pregnancy and breastfeeding, or find out about sizing. And remember, we're always here to help, with whatever you need!

Indisposables™ Multi Purpose Pad
One of our most popular items, our Indisposables™ Multi Purpose Pad is excellent for use in playpens, cribs, under car seats, or any other place you need an absorbent pad. Works great when potty training too! See our 35 Uses for a Multi Purpose Pad!
Crib Sheets

This blend makes the Fleece Sheets by Rolcia durable but sensuously soft. This is the perfect set of sheets for your new bundle of joy.

www.babyphotospictures.comFor Cute Baby Pictures come have a look at this fun site.
My Lil’ Miracle Inc. is a mom owned and operated Canadian Company dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality products that enable you to make healthy and environmentally responsible choices for your growing family!

My Lil’ Miracle Inc. proudly supports your local economy! Our Indisposables™ and Quality Care™ lines are manufactured right here in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. Our products are primarily sold across North America by mom (and dad) owned home-based businesses. Our products are also available in our on-line store as well as from specialty stores and boutiques in your neighborhood.

Our Indisposables™ Cloth Diaper Line, designed for comfort, convenience and cost savings, features products such as our Indisposables™ Multi Purpose Pad and our beloved Indisposables™ Cloth Diaper. Visit our "Baby and Toddler" Department to learn more. 

Our "Mom and Dad" Department features products such as: Bravado! Nursing Bras and Maternity Underwear; the JamPacked™ Backpack; Indisposables™ Sanitary Pads; Kozy Kids Kokkoon’s, and more.

In keeping with "comfort, convenience and cost savings", we are pleased to be able to offer you our Quality Care™ Line of Incontinent Products. Visit our "Youth and Adult Department" to learn more.

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Client Testimonial

My name is Adrian R and I have been a customer of Mary-Ann's since at least 2006. The point is that every time I have done business with My Lil’ Miracle as a client, Mary-Ann has been on the ball. Once, she sent me the order before I had a chance to get the money to her! Her sense of humour shows through as well, and nothing seems to phase her. I have to use My lil miracle products because of nighttime issues, and I have to say that they have been the best I've used.... I have no issues with My lil miracle products and always feel well taken care of when dealing with Maryann. I had to write this praise, because I guess you could say I'm a long-term customer! I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending My Lil’ Miracle or praising Mary-Ann's service and work ethic.


Adrian R
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